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Hello internetz!

Due to some recent discussions with some strangers to fantasy fiction amongst my friends and family, and a recent resurgence in my own writing, I’ve decided to take a crack at blogging again.  This time, rather than ramble about anything and everything, I’ve decided to focus it and ramble about fantasy and sci-fi.

I’ve come to the concrete belief that this genre is not just pulp entertainment, and is meant to be more than merely enjoyed.  It should be celebrated, for it is art.  It has emotional and intellectual impact.  Why can’t things of value be fun?  Why can’t fun things also be of value?

So my goal:  publish an article once a week, covering anything as long as it is tied to fantasy or sci-fi (speculative fiction, in the broader term) in some way.  I’ll throw things out there about the genre as a whole, or about specific stories regardless of the medium in which they are told (be it books, movies, comics, video games, or whatever).

So I pledge myself to geekery of highest sort.  This blog will be for those who get excited about questions like whether or not a Star Destroyer could take on the U.S.S. Enterprise (answer: Enterprise wins).  This blog is for those who look strangely at those who might ask us, “why are you wasting your time with such things?”  This blog is for those who would understand and love such theater as “One Man Lord of the Rings“.

And for those who gleefully adopt the Hat of Disdain and look down at such geekery, all I can say as I shake my head: “failz, n00b.  Lolz.”


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  1. Patrick don’t read this.

    I know everyone has been talking about Star Trek but I am going to shift gears and bring up Prometheus. The director of Prometheus said that this movie was an independent film and that it had nothing to do with the Alien series. I, however, do not agree because of the clear evidence of an Alien being created at the end of the movie! The way Alien was created was very complicated but that is not the point I am trying to make now. The point I am making is how can the director supposedly create Alien for the first time then say this movie had nothing to do with the alien series? It looks the director was trying to make a prequel to the alien series. thoughts?


    • You’re a few days ahead of me Deb. 🙂 My next post is already written–a review of Prometheus. It will be posted next weekend.


      • Sadly I will not be able to respondtto it in six weeks but I look forward to reading it as soon as I get freedomaagain. 🙂

  2. So you’re telling me that a kilometer-long purpose-built battleship will get owned by a relatively small spacecraft who’s primary mission is exploration and scientific research?


    Welcome to the web! I’m looking forward to future posts. 🙂

    • My wife reminds me that the Empire would win because they do evil stuff like blow up planets. The Federation would never do such a thing. This reminds me of Dark Helmet’s famous quote: “Evil always wins because good is stupid.”

    • Yes, Enterprise would own a Star Destroyer (how is this not an article yet?). Here’s some convincing reasons:

      1. Design: The Star Destroyers are running DOS and the Enterprise is running some advanced Apple OS. A perfect analogy is between a 386 (Star Destroyer) and a iPhone 4GS (Enterprise). . . Enterprise even has SIRI and touchscreens. Also, as is typical with the Empire, the Star Destroyer has a designed-in weak point (is there a rebel spy on the design team?). Per “Jedi”, once you hit the bridge, the Destroyer goes down (relative to your perspective). Also, the Star Destroyer has few, close range countermeasures. In fact, for some reason you can shoot the shield generating devices.

      2. Crew: The be-helmeted crew of the Star Destroyer are rather incompetent. Either, the helmets are limiting their vision, or they wear those helmets to protect themselves from the debris that occasionally rains down upon them. You can see this incompetence in the “evasive maneuvers” and other near misses between Star Destroyers. Also, how is there not an automatic proximity control response on such a large, slow moving vessel. Oh right, they’re running DOS. While, the Enterprise crew seems capable of repelling attackers with complex combinations of simultaneous counter-measures and seems to have a more refined control of the craft. They also have that whole beaming thing, that the Stormtroopers lack. With a few strategically beamed Enterprise crew, the Star Destroyer would be theirs.

      3. Trash: Before Star Destroyers jump to light speed, they dump volumes of trash large enough to hide the Millennium Falcon. What the hell are they doing that causes them to generate so much trash? I suspect that they are trying to save Empire tax dollars by also being trash haulers.

      In the end, there is no competition. The Enterprise, while smaller and sleeker (like an iPhone 4GS) would totally own a Star Destroyer or two (a 386).

    • But… the blasters are sooo slow. What am I missing? And no shields on the Empire=photon torpedo win for the Federation. Don’t forget, the Enterprise has a Warp Core to jettison, which is the fail safe trump card for every disaster. :-p

      • Pfft. The Star Destroyers do have shields. Also, even photon torpedoes aren’t guaranteed kills; the Defiant itself (DS9) could take a few hits with it’s “ablative” armor.

        The real battle would be through attrition: are there more disposable Stormtroopers or more disposable Ensigns?

        • But according to your own article link–the stormtrooper blasters go about the speed of a baseball. How does that compete with phasers?

          Granted, there are probably more Stormtroopers than Ensigns.

          Poor Ensigns.

          Would you rather be an Ensign or a Stormtrooper?

          • I think Stormtrooper, just because you could at least hope to survive by having your adversary escape, whereas Ensigns were usually just a filler body to round out an away team. Their resulting mortality percentage seemed a lot higher.

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