Book Published: Lightfall (When Dragons Die)

Volume 1 of When Dragons Die is published on Kindle.  It will be coming to paperback later this month.  There is a 2 day “free” launch sale today and tomorrow.  It’s also available for free “library” checkout for Amazon Prime members after the sale ends.

Lightfall, Kindle Edition


The Black Dragon’s death shattered the faerie realms of the Otherworld. From its destruction, a new race of light elves emerges in the god-infested lands of Ahmbren.

Aradma is born from light on the frozen slopes of Windbowl, coming into life as a fully formed adult with nothing more than the broken memories of a dead faerie people. She must choose between the truth of the natural world and the intoxicating lure of the beautiful Matriarch’s adoration. The elven woman must uncover her connection to the Green Dragon in order to escape the will of those who would use her for their own prophetic ends.


Meanwhile, the immortal God-King who ruled the Artalonian Empire for a thousand years has fallen in battle. The Archmage who raised him to power in order to destroy the Black Dragon now mourns his loss, even as he goes mad and threatens to break the very world he saved.


I’m really happy with this book, and glad it’s finally out there for public consumption.  I finished the first draft last June, but the hardest work was between “completion” and publication.  The first draft of Volume 2, Covenant, was finished over Thanksgiving, so I’m expecting another 6-8 months of edits, rewrites, and working with my beta readers before it’s out… sometime this Summer.  I hope to have the final volume of the trilogy out by next Christmas.

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