Amazon Breakout Author Award 2013

I entered Lightfall into Amazon’s annual contest: ABNA.  Grand prize is a $50K publication contract, but there are numerous goodies along the way.  Crafting a pitch in under 300 words was tougher than I thought.  The first round is 10,000 entires across 5 categories, and the top 400 of each category advances to the next round.  This selection is judged solely on the pitch.  Round 1 ends Feb 2013.

I submitted this as the pitch, and used it as an updated book description in Amazon’s bookstore:

Born from light, Aradma struggles to keep her sanity while the dead memories of a faerie civilization fight to dominate her mind.  She wants nothing more than to discover who she is and find her people, but to do that she must escape a sorceress seeking to steal her life-giving power, a matriarchal priestess bent on destroying men, a mad Archmage’s volatile degeneration, and the gods themselves who want nothing more than to return to the world.


To heal the Empire that crumbles in the aftermath of the Dark Lord’s death, the elven woman must first learn that true healing only comes when illusions are pierced.  She discovers that mastering nature means seeing things for what they truly are, not as the gods would have her see them.


When a dwarf finds her freezing in the snow and nurses her to health, she is granted sanctuary by the city of Windbowl.  The only problem is a contingent of trolls threatening to destroy the city if she isn’t turned over to them, and an even greater threat from within the Duke’s trusted inner circle.  Barely escaping with her life, only five days old and naive, she allies with the trolls.  They take her to a primitive island where she’s welcomed as the daughter of the Moon Goddess, destined to rule at the Matriarch’s side as lover and consort.


When an elven man of her kind shows up, she must choose between the intoxicating high priestess who secretly plans to murder all men upon achieving mystical procreation between women, the druid who teaches that transcending sexual desire is nature’s highest virtue, or leaving to answer the Archmage’s thrumming beacon that calls Aradma and all of her people to the Empire’s dying capital.

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