Book Release: Covenant

OMG OMG WOOT WOOT.  Oh, I mean, It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Covenant, the second volume in the When Dragons Die trilogy. It is available from in Kindle and trade paperback formats.

After Lightfall’s release, I met Tammy Salyer, science-fiction writer and freelance editor. After reading her books and being impressed with her narrative clarity, I hired her for Covenant, hoping to up my professional game. She did what a good editor is supposed to do for an author: make me better. The problem was, of course, that now Covenant was noticeably more polished than Lightfall. So, to keep the trilogy consistent, I immediately hired her to edit Lightfall for a re-release, to coincide with Covenant.

So, to celebrate Covenant’s release, the revised Lightfall will be available for free download from for four days (starting Friday 2 May through Monday 6 May). If you already have Lightfall, this will be the chance to get a free update to the edited version by deleting Lightfall from your Kindle library (from “Manage my Kindle” on the website, not on your Kindle device) and re-“purchasing” during the free weekend.


See y’all at the blog hop this weekend!

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