Book Release: The Tides of Artalon

It is with great pleasure that I announce The Tides of Artalon, the conclusion of the epic trilogy When Dragons Die, is now available on Kindle. The trade paperback edition should be available in the next week, and then I’ll work on assembling a single-volume edition of the entire trilogy.

Writing and publishing a fantasy trilogy has been an amazing amount of work, and I’ve loved every minute of it. The characters and world of Ahmbren have taken some interesting, sometimes unplanned, twists and turns, and I owe its richness in part to passionate beta-readers and input from fans. Publishing a fantasy trilogy has been one of my life goals since I was a kid, and I’m thrilled now to offer the trilogy’s capstone to you.

I intend to continue exploring the many facets of Ahmbren, and have already begun to write the next Ahmbren Chronicles book.

The Tides of Artalon: Kindle edition

“I will devour this world,
and all worlds across the stars.”
– The Black Dragon 

In the stunning conclusion of the epic struggle between dragons and gods, the four champions must find the hidden throne of Artalon before the Black Dragon seizes its magic for himself and destroys the world.

If only the champions weren’t scattered and lost. The druid Aradma is imprisoned in the Underworld, tortured by the Black Dragon as he bends her and her child to his will. The paladin Arda and sorceress Anuit abandon Aradma to her fate as they honor the Gold Dragon’s dying charge to unlock Artalon’s secret. Their journey will lead the them into the bowels of Dis and threaten to destroy their love as they succumb to the Demon City’s seductive call. Meanwhile, the ranger Tiberan enters into self-imposed exile far to the icy north, where he discovers that troglodytes of the Underworld, the ancient worshippers of the Black Dragon, threaten the last hope for dragonkind.

Before the end, demon legions will descend from the heavens, troglodyte swarms will rise from the depths, dragons’ fire will melt armies, and the gods themselves will walk the land as each vies for control of Artalon. Through it all, the four champions must reunite to unlock the magic city’s power before the Black Dragon ends all life in his bid to destroy the gods.

But only one champion will be able to sit upon the Stag Throne.

Only one will be able to chose to balance or bind the gods.

Only one will determine Ahmbren’s fate.




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