When Dragons Die: The Complete Trilogy edition in the works

With the advent of The Tides of Artalon and the completion of the When Dragons Die trilogy, work begins on a “Complete Trilogy” single-volume edition. Each book already had its individual synopses for their standalone releases, but now I need to take the long view and distill the synopsis for the trilogy itself:

After the Artalonian God-King, Champion of the three good Archdragons, sacrifices himself to save the world and slay the Black Dragon, his Empire disintegrates into chaos. From its ashes, four new champions arise in the aftermath of the Archdragons’ schemes: a druid born to the world as a grown woman haunted by faerie memories, a salty paladin weighed by the blood of innocents, a sorceress taught to hate herself for loving women, and a huntsman exiled in time by a mad Archdragon’s avatar.

In the void left by the slain God-King, one by one the Old Gods return and race to capture mortal hearts for the power to shape the future according to their will at mortal expense. Torn between prophecy, family and duty, the champions for mortalkind journey through love and loss as they seek to uncover the final secret of the Archdragons: the lost magic of Artalon.

In the struggle for the right for mortalkind to shape its own destiny, three factions emerge: those who would use Artalon’s magic to bring balance to the pantheon of gods; those who would use its power to control and subjugate the gods; and those who would destroy all peoples in order to starve the gods of the faith on which they feed.

In the meantime, cover design as begun for the single volume edition. It needs to “feel” like the series, but at the same time I want it to be distinct and special. Work continues…

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