The Otherworld in Ahmbren

The Otherworld is the celtic spirit world in mythology. It is either the land of the dead, the place for souls to rest in between lives, the world of the faerie spirits, or all of the above. In The Ahmbren Chronicles, it is specifically the world of the Fae Courts and the myriad of faerie races and creatures.

The Otherworld was destroyed in the beginning moments of Lightfall, the first book of When Dragons Die. Now that I’m writing the prequel, I’m exploring a time in Ahmbren when the faerie realms still exist.

The Otherworld was originally the creation of Dragons during one of the early aeons of Ahmbren’s existence. It is described in Lightfall as the “land of light and song.” It’s nebulous, save for when its spirits solidify color and form to create specific experiences. Originally it served to reflect the forming world of Ahmbren, creating music and splashes of color for dragonkind’s amusement as life evolved on the planet.

Over time, life became sentient, and then sapient, and the Otherworld changed. Faerie creatures emerged, and eventually the noble Fae. They emerged from the growing unconscious dreams of humans and trolls, orcs and dwarves. The Fae became sentient art, the sentient embodiments of the music, poetry and dreams of Ahmbren’s mortal races.

In time, some Fae traveled to Ahmbren and eventually became the sidhe, the High Elves who eventually conducted a war of genocide against humankind. At the time, neither sidhe nor humans understood how the Otherworld came to be, and the irony that the elves attacked one of the races to whom they owed their existence was lost on them.

In my recent focus on honing my drawing and painting skills, I played around with digital watercolors and highlight air brushes in Manga Studio. I discovered ethereal flowers from my color play. I placed tiny faerie in their centers, and decided that this would be one facet of the Otherworld, the realms “of light and song.”

The first started as a blue and green flower. I created a very bright center, which grew into a kind of nova. The petals grew form, almost like growing sea anemone arms. I placed a faerie in the middle, bathing in the flower’s warm glow, and called it “Sun Bathing”.

Sun Bathing at Deviant Art

The second has a faerie hiding behind one of the transparent petals on the flower’s heart. I call this one “Hide and Seek”.

Hide and Seek at Deviant Art

I think I’m going to do a series of these. I want a warmer red and pink image next. In the meantime, I did a closeup on a faerie looking out into a sky of glowing, sparkling Otherworld petals: Sitting Fairy.

Sitting Fairy at Deviant Art.

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