Leading up to M&I Release

I’m officially in the last days of book prep for the release of Myth and Incarnation. It’s already available for pre-order, for the Kindle version. My physical proof book should arrive this week, and I’m doing a final button-down read-through of the draft Kindle version, on my Kindle, right now.

In the meantime, I’ve added an email announcement list if you want to get all book release announcements. You can also opt in to a newsletter, which will be less frequent but more detailed than the blog and facebook posts.

Does the early return of the book from Tammy mean I’ll get this out sooner? Possibly. See, success is driven largely by how Amazon.com changes sales into visibility (sales rankings). To supports larger release sales, I’m using Amazon’s new feature of pre-ordering the Kindle books, which means I’ve committed to the release date of 31 Oct. We’ll see if there’s flexibility in releasing it sooner.

As you probably know, mythological symbolism is layered through every aspect of The Ahmbren Chronicles. 31 October is Samhain, Halloween, and All Souls’ Eve. It is a time to remember the past, honor the ancestors and memories of those who have gone before, and to look head to the future. Myth and Incarnation is largely about the myths of the distant past shaping the reality of today. Samhain is also a time to celebrate joy in the face of darkness, and considering this book shows the final confrontation with and defeat of Ahmbren’s Dark Lord (the Black Dragon), this seemed a happy time to target for release. So, whether you celebrate Halloween or Samhain, what better way to get into the holiday spirit with a great story featuring dragons and undead, witches and wizards.

And pirates. Pirates are a Halloween thing these days, right? I mean, I’ve seen all these costumes in stores for pirates.

Sexy pirates.

Sexy elf pirates could be a thing, right?


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