Book Announcement: Myth and Incarnation

Myth and Incarnation is out now, paperback and Kindle!

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Myth and Incarnation

“You cannot stand before the mind of an Archdragon and remain unchanged.”  ~ The High Wizard

No one has seen a dragon in ten thousand years, but something is drawing the sorcerers of Ahmbren out of hiding, something powerful enough to make them risk exposure and bring them together for a dark purpose: to unite the Nine Realms in shadow and free the Black Dragon from his prison.

Meanwhile, the High Wizard sends a disowned paladin into the world to search for the prophesied Champion, the only one who can slay the Black Dragon. The paladin finds three potentials, the unlikely emissaries of the good Archdragons: an expelled student of magic, an exiled witch, and an outcast demon hunter. Together with a turncoat sorceress, they join the crew of the notorious pirate ship Siren’s Call as they chase rumors of the return of dragons and sorcerers.

They journey to the dead elven city of Azurnath and find the fabled King Under the Sea, a leviathan dragon gathering sorcerers from all over the world. The dragon’s might is unlike anything the heroes could have prepared for, and they narrowly escape to warn the Nine Realms.

The three emissaries retreat with the paladin to the High Wizard’s tower. There they will train to become who they will need to be to defeat the dragon and his dark followers. As they awaken to their purpose, they must confront the possibility that they might be more than mere emissaries—they might be the incarnations of the mythical Archdragons themselves. Delusion clouds truth as they grow in power. Will they succumb to madness before the Nine Realms submit to the King Under the Sea and his sorcerers, or will they fulfill their destiny and find the Champion in time to save the world from Dragons?

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