The 7-7-7 Challenge and New Ahmbren Story

My good friend, editor and science fiction-writer extraordinaire, Tammy Salyer, challenged her readers to the 7-7-7 challenge, where a writer goes to the 7th page of his or her work in progress, the 7th line, and then shares the next 7 lines. Tammy recently released a Spectras prequel novella which I really enjoyed.


The tagline “trusting others is your first mistake” sets the stage for Aly’s debut in her exodus from the Corps. Looking for a fast-paced, action-packed, adrenalin pumping sci-fi that puts rounds down range? This is a blazing entrance into the Spectras world.



Back to the 7-7-7: here goes, a paragraph from, my yet-unedited Fisherman’s Daughter, a tale about why the High Elves decided to conduct a war of genocide against human kind. The 7-7-7 leads almost cleanly to the paragraph, so here’s my “7-7-7+”:

If there is one good thing about her new life, it is that she knows more about the world now than she ever had before as a fisherman’s daughter. The serving slaves in their gray tunics move almost invisibly about the palace. She overhears many conversations between lords, merchants and priests as they scheme together while she makes sure their wine goblets never empty. She hears of a far off place called Artalon. It is said that the enigmatic gnomes had built it as a gift for humankind, to raise them above the other races. The gnomes taught the greatest of men and women the secrets of magic, and now there are wizards in Artalon. Human wizards. Meiri can scarcely imagine it—humans that wield the same power as the shining folk of the Sutonian Woods. When visitors from Artalon come to Fairholm and seek an audience with Lord Keeva, Meiri ensures she’s the one to serve them.

I know who I’d really like to hear from. Clarissa Johal, over at “Writing With Scissors“. She’s always cooking up something new, interesting, sometimes vegetarian, and a little bit creepy.

Between, by Clarissa Johal

If you like a supernatural creepy story with elements of romance, Between is sure to thrill. This one kept me coming back to flip page after page as Lucinda untangles the attentions of two spirits.





In the meantime, check out my new Ahmbren short-story, just published on Kindle for $0.99:

Complete Me: A Fairytale of Love and Loss

The more extraordinary the magic, the more extraordinary the price, and a spell to find true love is the most extraordinary of all.

Dalin spends his evenings guiding lovers on his gondola through the canal streets of Tavenport, and his nights painting alone and wishing he could be one of them. Drawn to his longing, a faerie promises to teach him the spell that will find and bring him his true love. When the woman of his dreams is pulled from another world, no magic in life can guarantee a happily ever after.

Cheers and happy reading!

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