Book Announcement – Through Rose-Colored Goggles

Guns, gods and elves on a magical murder train!

Through Rose-Colored Goggles is now out on Kindle! I’m delighted to present inaugural book ushering in Ahmbren’s first fully steam-age epic fantasy adventure, featuring an engineer, two wizards, a gorgon vampire-hunter, a vampire concert violinist, an elf detective, and a mystery murderer.TRCG CoversThe hunter god escaped death by being born as the elf girl Meara. Sixty-five years later, she travels by train in search of a lost dragon scale, the cure needed to save her dying father. Meanwhile, a killer, harvesting relics of the gods, murders a gorgon for her serpents and escapes via the same train. The body count rises as Meara searches for both the killer and her father’s cure—before becoming the harvester’s greatest prize: the girl who had once been a god.

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