Plot Blooms

Since Through Rose-Colored Goggles came out, I’ve been diligently working on the 2nd book in the trilogy. And by diligently, I mean off and on and not forcing it. So, that means my usual timeline of a trilogy in 2 years isn’t going to happen this round, but that’s okay. The end of 2016 has been rough for all of us. What that’s translated to in my writing life is that I haven’t been screaming with creative energy. Nevertheless, I’ve not disengaged.

I’m pleased to say now that I’m fully into Act 2 of the next book, The Clockwork Goddess. I’ve hit the plot bloom.

What’s a plot bloom?

So, I’m a discovery writer. Or what some people call a gardener. Or a “pantser” (writing by the seat of one’s pants). I don’t write via outline. I have a general impression for where I want the major themes to go, and a feel for the characters. After that, it’s up to the characters to get there. The process of writing is the process of discovering the details of the plot. This doesn’t work for every writer, of course, and I salute those who can build a full outline and then write the scenes to follow.

So, as I discover my characters in their new situations, I write scenes. I write conversations. I introduce conflicts. And I’m multi-threading various characters and plots.

A plot bloom is when the writer sees all the various threads arc-ing together. It’s as if each set of characters’ arcs are blossom petals, and you’ve finally discovered for the first time how they will eventually all come together in the center. In other words, the flower blooms, and the author has an “ah ha” moment when he or she finally sees the way ahead.

So, yeah. That might be an overly poetic and pretentious description of the process. We writers like to romanticize our work to ourselves. And to others.

I’m pleased to say, the plot has finally bloomed for The Clockwork Goddess, and I can see the path to the book’s climax and the stage set for the finale in the final book of the series. Yay! Now back to making words happen…

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