Hello everyone! My name is Kyle, and my books are written under the name “K. Scott Lewis”. I’m an IT professional by day and builder of worlds by early morning. At night I’m usually asleep. I have a B.S. in Computer Science which shapes the way I think.

I believe joy is life’s purpose. I write for the joy of it, and publish to share some of that joy. I hope one day I can do this full time, hence the desire to turn a hobby into a profession and not write for free.

I write The Ahmbren Chronicles, an epic fantasy series with a modern voice for a mature audience. I start with fantasy tropes and turn them on-end, moving the world from a mythological age of high magic to a magical steam age of reason.

The most influential sci-fi/fantasy I read when growing up were Tolkien’s works and Tanith Lee’s Tales of a Flat Earth, Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising Sequence, Frank Herber’s Dune series, and Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time (sigh). I’m currently working my way through Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and feel like I’m studying at the feet of a master when I read his work.

I’ve always been creative. I’d rather make games than play games; compose music than learn someone else’s song, write a book rather than read a book, make my own electric guitar than play a factory-made one, draw my own pictures rather than rely on others. In most of these I’m a dabbler. It’s the writing where I feel most comfortable selling my play.

I grew up a military brat and then served on active duty, to include two deployments to Afghanistan. My world travels from the Middle East, living in the Far East, around the States, and in Europe have exposed me to many world-building ideas that have been baked into various aspects of Ahmbren. I grew up in a deeply Christian household. I broke from the Christian faith in college, made my way through alternative religions, developed a thirst for comparative religion as a hobby, and ultimately ended up skeptical of religion in all its forms. For a time I stopped reading fiction for entertainment, and read instead works on traditional Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and European pagan mythologies, which now serve to enrich the fantasy worlds I build. My inner faith struggles inform the development of the characters that live and breathe in Ahmbren.

All my books are available on paperback, Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, etc. The Ahmbren Chronicles page serves as a portal for each book, with links to the format of your choice and some musings on the writing and purpose of each book. I’ve also posted the world maps for the e-reading audience.

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The Facebook page for my series is: www.facebook.com/theahmbrenchronicles.

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