The Ahmbren Chronicles

The Ahmbren Chronicles(®) is an epic fantasy series with a modern voice, set from stone-age to steam-age. Ahmbren is a detailed, layered world with many elements including steampunk, high fantasy and a dash of paranormal.

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Myth and Incarnation (novel)

When Dragons Die (trilogy):
Lightfall – Book 1 
Book 2 
The Tides of Artalon
Book 3

Complete Me (short story)
The Fisherman’s Daughter (novelette)

The God Who Lived (trilogy):
Through Rose-Colored Goggles – Book 1 

The Clockwork Goddess – Book 2
A Gathering of Moons – Book 3 (2020)


Ahmbren Art Gallery


Ahmbren (Pre-God-King)

Ahmbren (Post-God-King)
Erind Isle
The Ice Plains

Ahmbren (Steam Age Political Map)
Ahmbren International Rail (AIR) Lines

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The Ahmbren Chronicles is set in a fictional world on another world where dragons, gods, and magic exist. My stories are written for mature audiences and feature elements of horror, the supernatural, romance, social issues, religion, and a dash of science-fiction.

I draw heavily on world mythology and current events for inspiration, and interweave the complexity of life into a magical backdrop, to include faith vs. skepticism, sexual identity vs. sexual conformity, ambition vs. compassion, substance addiction, and balancing the needs of family vs. the call of duty.

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