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The greater the magic, the greater the price, and love magic is the greatest of all. Dalin spends his evenings ferrying lovers as a gondolier, wishing he could be one of the them. Drawn to his longing, a faerie promises to teach him the spell to find his true love. When the woman of his dreams is pulled from another world, no magic in life can guarantee a happily ever after.

About This Story

While I was waiting for Tammy to edit Myth and Incarnation, I started thinking about Dalin, a gondolier in Tavenport. It began with him hating Lovers’ Night, watching his customers cuddle in his boat while he went home alone. But what if a faerie was drawn to him, and the two of them could make magic together? What if she could help him cast a spell to find his true love? And what if his true love was worlds apart? What would be the consequence? I wanted to do a more personal story, without events of epic scope and proportion.

This is intended to be the first of a series of stories and vignettes of a more personal nature revealing day-to-day life in Ahmbren. We’re starting a period of history after the events of When Dragons Die where the world reaps the benefits of the peace and safety earned by the heroes. Rather than stories that focus on the heroes, I wanted to explore life from a ‘regular folks’ perspective, while allowing for Ahmbren to retain its magical flavor. For fans of the series, there will be easter eggs and guest appearances of the heroes we know and love. For example, this story sets up the beginnings of Naiadne’s psychological healing and recovery from the WDD trilogy.

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