Myth and Incarnation

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✯✯✯✯  “Lewis has created an incredibly rich world.  […] MYTH AND INCARNATION is an incredible fantasy story.  Reminiscent of Game of Thrones with its many characters and story arcs, this is not a story to be taken lightly or skimmed through.” – IndieReader

About This Story

Even though I wrote this after When Dragons Die, this is the intended entry point into the Ahmbren universe. You can start with Lightfall (Volume 1 of When Dragons Die), but reading this book first will greatly enhance Lightfall’s story. This is the tale of the Champion who slew the Black Dragon and ascended as God-King, and the three emissaries of the Archdragons who wrestle with the possibility that they might actually be the Archdragons themselves.

There are two aspects of writing this book that I’d like to highlight. The first is the book’s structure and the idea of coming to terms with being an incarnate god. I remember wondering about this question when I was younger, especially watching Jesus Christ Superstar. The second is that I wrote this book while living in Japan, and Japanese history (visiting Hiroshima) and pop culture (kaiju) had a significant influence on this book.

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