The God Who Lived

The God Who Lived follows roughly 60 years after When Dragons Die. Now that Ahmbren no longer has gods, the world has become vulnerable to the mysterious entities known only as Those Who Dwell Beyond. Art and science collide, and the world must discover what it means to have faith in an Age of Reason before reality itself is torn asunder.

The God Who Lived is planned for three volumes:

Kindle ($3.99)
Trade Paperback ($11.99)

Guns, gods and elves on a magical murder train!

The hunter god escaped death by being born as the elf girl Meara. Sixty-five years later, she travels by train in search of a lost dragon scale, the cure needed to save her dying father. Meanwhile, a killer, harvesting relics of the gods, murders a gorgon for her serpents and escapes via the same train. The body count rises as Meara searches for both the killer and her father’s cure—before becoming the harvester’s greatest prize: the girl who had once been a god.

Volume 2, The Clockwork Goddess, is scheduled for 2017, and Volume 3 for 2018.