The Fisherman’s Daughter

The Fisherman's Daughter micro

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Sold into slavery and unwilling to accept her fate, Meiri escapes and flees into the forbidden woods. The elf prince finds her. Obsessed by a secret glamour he can’t control, he breaks all his people’s taboos to possess her. But desire makes slaves of its owners, and once more unwilling to submit to fate, she uses the prince as her instrument of vengeance even as she negotiates for her freedom.

About This Story

This is the tale of how the High Elven Imperium’s campaign of genocide against the human Realms begins. After writing Myth and Incarnation, I realized I had a mystery to untangle. The epilogue of When Dragons Die asserts that Tallindra and Eszhira get the sidhe to open their cities to outsiders and integrate with the rest of the world. Well, that’s all fine until I wrote Myth and Incarnation, and we see the problems posed by the glamour humans hold over sidhe elves. How are they suppose to integrate if they risk losing their free will? And how did the sidhe in When Dragons Die not reveal this risk to the readers?

When writing M&I, I made a rule-sheet for how the sidhe fascination for humans work. In writing it out in essay format for my beta readers, I realized it would be easier to explain by way of a conversation. So, just for my betas, I drafted a two page scene where Tallindra is telling Ezzie why integrating with the outside world will be hard for her people. Ezzie, of course, knows nothing of this sidhe secret. The point of the conversation was to suss out “the rules” for M&I, explain why Tallindra was able to live among humans without that risk (she had already given her heart to someone), and set the stage for how this won’t be an issue in the future steampunk books. It was as simple as Ezzie telling them, “Why don’t you study the phenomenon and find a solution?” Innovation is part of what makes steampunk different from classic high fantasy, and that would be a great detail in the transition point.

But that was a two page conversation that would go nowhere… certainly not enough to release as a story. I considered posting it to the web and leaving it at that, but then I started to think about how this fastening was the match that ignited the sidhe war against humans back in the Second Age… before Artalon, before Dis, before all that. So I thought, “Huh. Why not just have Tallindra show Ezzie a preserved memory from that time, and have a flashback story?”

And that’s how The Fisherman’s Daughter came to be. I mean, I had to do something with my time while waiting for my editor to churn through Myth and Incarnation!

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