Mythical May 2016

May is here! Already! The next Ahmbren book is right around the corner. In the meantime, Myth and Incarnation, the story of  is on sale for $0.99 all month. It is featured alongside with a treasure trove of other science fiction and fantasy books, in Patty Jensen’s May collection of $0.99 on 7 and 8 May.  Books featured there, if not already, will drop to 99c for the two promo days. Just follow the dragon below…

99c Science Fiction and Fantasy Sale 7-8 May 2016

Myth and Incarnation will be on sale the entire month.


In other news, I’m putting the finishing touches on Through Rose-Colored Goggles, and we are on track to summer publication. The beta readers were jazzed about it, the editor was well gruntled, and the ball’s back in my court. The Kindle edition will be delayed from the original end of May target, as I’ll be submitting it to an opportunity to get picked up for sponsorship. More to follow…


Indie Reader Approved: Myth and Incarnation

What a great way to start the New Year! I got notified that Indie Reader posted their review of Myth and Incarnation, and they gave it “4 Stars”, which earns the stamp of “Indie Reader Approved!” According to their correspondence, they tell me this means that my book “was judged by top industry professionalsnot as merely a great indie bookbut as great book, period.”  Oh, g’wan!

IR Approved Sticker 2M&I micro


Here’s the review:

IR Verdict: MYTH AND INCARNATION is an incredible fantasy story. Reminiscent of Game of Thrones with its many characters and story arcs, this is not a story to be taken lightly or skimmed through.

MYTH AND INCARNATION is set in a well-developed fantasy world and follows a trio of unique individuals on their quest to protect their world from the evil plot of the sorcerers determined to awaken the Black Dragon.

In many ways, author K. Scott Lewis’s MYTH AND INCARNATION is an ode to the underdog.  Aaron, the paladin begins the novel with the mission to find the three so-called potentials and discover who among them is the prophesized Champion.  According to legend only the Champion will be able to slay the Black Dragon and prevent the world from falling into darkness.  He first finds Kaldor, a young wizard with so much raw talent that he was expelled because those above him viewed him as a threat.  Together they encounter Sidhna, an elf essentially exiled from her people, searching for something impressive enough to make them all overlook the fact that she practices witchcraft.  The third to join them is Valkrage, another elf whose people have cast him out to the human world as a “Watcher” after he was recognized as a homosexual and therefore lost his value to high elf culture.  The trio faces pirates, magic, love triangles, grief, religion and all manner of other dangers and thrills as they prepare themselves both mentally and magically for the battles ahead.

In MYTH AND INCARNATION Lewis has created an incredibly rich world.  He has made room not only for a grand number of species, but also a deep culture for each species and subdivision.  Even the cultures of the lesser characters are explained and their habits detailed.  For some readers this may come across as a bit too much, or feel like it takes away from the overall plot.  For others however, this will no doubt serve as an amazing Tolkien-esque fantasy.  The elfish, or sidhe culture in particular is fascinating, from how an elf will not be able to love anyone until they come of age (which takes far longer in elf-years than human) and how once an elf falls in love it is permanent and obsessive, to the way in which Sidhna needed to hide her witchcraft for fear of dishonorable banishment.

The theory and theology behind the plot of MYTH AND INCARNATION is not for the faint of heart or the casual reader.  The novel raises intense questions about destiny and personal choice as well as what one is willing to sacrifice in order to preserve society and loved ones.  At times it feels as though the novel could easily have been split into multiple volumes in order to spend more time on clarification.  As it stands now the way Lewis plays with the concepts of souls, dragons and gods is fascinating and incredibly deep.

MYTH AND INCARNATION is an incredible fantasy story.  Reminiscent of Game of Thrones with its many characters and story arcs, this is not a story to be taken lightly or skimmed through.